14 April 2014


 A Tartan 34C, Red Bird, getting ready to go.

Redwing is ready to go, too: prop is clean, new speedo and knot meter sensors are in and the refurbished meters are hooked up, the hull is waxed, and we are stowed for sea. Just need some bottom paint and we're all set.

26 January 2014

tong boat, or, if you prefer, garvey boat

Pictured here are two of the tong boats that live on our creek, Sumpwams. The one in the foreground is all tucked in for a long winter's nap. The one in the back, on the water, is breaking a path out to the bay. Much of the bay is frozen, too, but since he tries to go out every day, in all kinds of weather, I guess he's sick of waiting for a thaw.

23 January 2014

A little more than skim ice, but not strong enough to stand on.

15 September 2013

10, 12, 13, and 14.

I have no idea when these went down since we didn't take any pics and I didn't blog them right away:

10. Must have been just Al and I. Date and destination uncertain.

12. That time I went with Alli and we had a nice sail, investigated Brightwaters Canal, and didn't run aground.

13. That time we took our next door neighbors out - avid power boaters - and they had a great time on their first sail.

14. That time Alli's brother and new GF came out, but not before I rebuilt the carburetor and gave that blasted engine half a tuneup because it would start but not stay running. WHILE THEY WAITED in the cockpit sharing lunch, beers, and good conversation.

I hate the Atomic Four and can't wait to be a diesel man.

26 August 2013

Leni needs your help!

Please go check out LoveforLeni.com. My buddies Jerry & Amanda's three month old little girl Leni has been diagnosed with a supersuper-rare form of leukemia. She just started her first round of chemo, but she and her parents need a lot of support. You can help! Check out the website LoveforLeni.com for more details!

And you can help everyone affected by leukemia by registering to be a bone marrow donor here.

If you have already done either of those things let me say thank you on their behalf!

Feel free to repost/copy/reblog/tweet/retweet/Share this post to get the word out.

06 August 2013

project day

Completed some projects today that had been lingering since the beginning of the season.

12v charging: I bought a 12v/cigarette lighter charging unit from West Marine that had a pair of sockets in it. Then I bought a pair of chargers that each had two usb ports, so now we can charge 4 iDevices at a time, or charge anything that has a 12v adapter, like my portable marine radio. The boat has one 12v socket in it, near the quarter berth, but it hasn't worked since I've owned the boat. I installed this charging station in the foot well of the dining area, out of sight.

New faucet in the sink.

Mast gate - still working on it.

01 August 2013

9. Racing

It was like old times on Thursday when I got to crew on Jack's boat for a Thursday night race.