18 October 2006

project: combat mold, clean the head and the bilge

Got to the boat today and found very little water in the bilge. It poured yesterday and I was expecting a flood. There are a few leaks that I have to find and fix, but the boat is not taking water from the scuppers anymore. And I was surprised to find very little water coming in from the hole where the bow pulpit stanchion-base was.

I dumped some of that bilge cleaner into the bilge. It's supposed to use the natural rocking motion of the boat to scrub/soap up the bilges but as I'm on the hard I have to do the scrubbing by hand. As I was slopping around the soapy water I got to thinking if I could use the time and the full bilges to get some more cleaning done. So I grabbed the hose, pulled it up into the boat, and went to work. (I (respectfully) call it the Schaefer treatment.)

I took all of the hoses off the head. They were pretty dirty on the outside and really dirty on the inside. I was covered up to my elbows with mold, slime, and I-don't-even-want-to-guess-what from the hoses.

Then I grabbed some Spray-9 and squirted the holy hell out of the entire head area and scrubbed like a mother.

And some of the bilge soap too. It says it's safe for plastics and fiberglass. And I figured it couldn't get any worse in there, nor was the soap going to be sitting in there for a long time. And having that bilge soap run into the bilge couldn't be a bad thing either.

Once I was finished with the energetic scrubbing, I took the hose to the head. It looks clean enough for me to clean it for real now. It was pretty moldy and disgusting. And it smelled like Hell. Now it smells fresh as a daisy. And looks just as sweet.

And the bilge looks good too. A lot of the oil and slime is gone, and now it just looks downright bilgey. And there's no sense getting it all pristine when there is going to be so much more grime generated when I clean the engine, and the v-berth.

12 October 2006

3rd work day in a row

Since I took possession of the boat I have been cleaning and worrying. The main cabin is clean (thanks to the crew!) and I'm slowly getting the bilge cleaned. There is a lot of mold, from the passage of time without cleaning and maintenance, and from the water that has been allowed to come into the boat from the various bits of damage from the Big Accident.

I have been worrying that the oil I found in the bilge was from an oil leak. I haven't determined that it's not from an oil leak, but I did check the oil and found that there is oil in the engine, it's full up, and it's plenty dirty. All good signs. The engine compartment is filthy, but it looks like it should be an easy clean up job.

I also picked up a quart of gel coat repair at WestMarine (they make boating fun!). The gel coat is the skin of the boat and in the Big Accident the starboard side, near the toe rail, took quite a bit of scratching and scraping. No poking though. I figure there isn't a better way to learn how to repair me some gel coat than to start trying to repair me some gel coat. I can't make it look any worse.

It's slow progress, but progress nonetheless.

10 October 2006

project: replace the scupper drains

Finally got to the boat today after a long while.

There was hardly any water in the bilge.

I got the starboard scuppers mounted.

And took (most of) the cushions home.