13 March 2007

Saturday, 28 April (raindate 5 May)

Hail and avast, me hearties!

I am trying to get the boat launched on or near 12 May. An essential part of that plan is you, yes, YOU. I need your help!

In order to have Redwing looking as good as it possibly can, the boat needs to be washed and have its hull, the topsides, and the cabin waxed by loving crew.

So, on Saturday 28 April, I would love to host a little boatyard work-party. I will provide beer and pizza and you provide some labor. Figure to start at/around/between 11/12. And providing such labor also keeps you foremost on my mind when I'm casting about for daysailing partners. No pressure.

The ideal schedule might be something like this:

11.56ish: You show up. You're last. But we are not mad and now we can finally get to work. Beer.

11.57-12.40: Wash that dirty boat! Beer.

12.51: Pizza and beer.

1.30/40ish: Wax that boat 'til it hurts our eyes to gaze upon its dazzling whiteness and classic beauty. Drink more beer. Eat more chips and salsa and pizza. Make new friends. Love is all around you.

Leave whenever you want, just don't be first.

What say ye?

I will send directions to the 'yard and directions to the boat (it's deceptively easy, though the 'yard looks a mess) to the "Yes, I want to go sailing on Redwing this summer" replies. Again, no pressure.

If you are a city-folk we can get/drop you from/at the LIRR, no problem!

In the event it rains on 28 April, all the above applies to 5 May (Uncle Karl's birthday (Marx, I mean)). Cinco de Mayo!

Kids ARE definitely welcome, for all you mommies and/or daddies, but just know the boat cradle is about 4' from the creek. Makes for a stunning view and a serious danger to the careless or overlooked.

Drink up me 'earties. Yo ho.

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a stowaway said...

Aye, and I'll be at me post, spit shining the anchor, sir. Argh!