07 August 2008

18. Racing on Redwing (2)

I'm tellin' ya, every time I go race the boat I learn more than I can tell you. I'm getting some serious XP.

Last week it was just Mike and I and we went non-spinn. I may be ready to dedicate myself to non-spin until I get a crack squad of crew together. Of sailors more nimble and flexible than Mike and I. Ideally I'd like to have Jack every week, but he likes a steady ride and my racing schedule has been anything but steady.

We heard a few comments from the spinnaker racers for being too close to the start as the first gun went off, but I think that was just them giving me the business because I'm new (or, to be more clear, new as a skipper). We got back down by the non-spinn boats and gave all the hot dogs their room.

It was a pretty hairy start - as we approached the line we ducked just higher than a boat that tacked between us and the committee boat and I'm real glad we did. There were about four boats below us at the start as we were crossing the line and they were all acting like we were playing bumper cars. There was contact between more than one boat and some yelling as we all took off for the first beat.

As we did, just about everyone rolled past us. It was not a good feeling and I'm still trying to figure out what we should have done (adjust sails, tack and go away).

We chased everyone around and had a good downwind leg toward Buoy 6. There was that awkward maneuver at the bridge, but overall we had a pretty good race and came in 7th out of 11.

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