27 November 2009

The Lightship Nantucket

The Nantucket Lightship, officially known as the LV-112, guarded the shipping lanes near the deadly Nantucket Shoals for nearly four decades. Built in 1936 at the Pusey & Jones Shipyard in Wilmington, Delaware to replace the LV-117, the Nantucket Lightship was the largest lightship ever built for the Nantucket Shoals. It replaced the LV-117, a lightship that was split in half and sunk by the RMS Olympic in dense fog in 1934.

Last week the Nantucket Lightship was sold for $1 to Robert Mannino of New Hampshire. "We are looking at moving the ship in late November, early December and restoring it," said Mannino, who formed the nonprofit U.S. Lightship Museum for the purpose of saving the vessel. "We plan to open it as a public museum, get it fully operational and take the ship out a couple of times a year in the New England area."

(The above was rephrased from the Nantucket Independent. See link.)

When I took that US Sailing Keelboat Instructor class last Spring it was held in Oyster Bay, where the Lightship has been hanging out, waiting for a buyer. Definitely read the article. Good luck, Nantucket.

There's another Lightship Nantucket out there, as it turns out. And, from the same great blog, tugster, is the restored Nantucket Lightship (not the one in OB).

Thanks to Soundbounder for the news. If you live on the islands of Long, Block, Nantucket, Fishers, City¹, or Manhattan, or you live on the mainland that borders the Sound, you should be reading Soundbounder!

¹: yeah yeah, I know.

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