18 January 2010

it's only natural that a Redwing would tweet, right?

I think technically the black-shouldered Redwing doesn't tweet; it makes more like a skirreee sound. But skirreee wouldn't be as good a name for a web company. Or would it?

I'm not sure I totally get it, and I'm not sure exactly how it works, or why anyone would do it, but the Redwing is on Twitter and can be found/followed at Redwing137. It probably won't be that useful until the summer, either, when we get sailing more regularly. But I DLed some GPS apps for the iPhone that allow for twittering (or is it tweeting?), so maybe you can follow along on some of our sails.

Technology is so freaking cool.


Yoo-Hoo Tom said...

I'm trying to remember if you were with Huesman and I when we ran that Catalina aground in San Diego Bay? Ahhh good times. I have every intention of re-establishing my rag-bagging ways sooner rather than later. You've done it the smart way, get the boat before the wife and kids.

Redwing said...

Tom! Yes, it was you, me, Mike H, Jason K, and probably Rich McA, and Jeff! I have pictures of those trips at my dad's house. Next time I'm there I'll grab em and scan em. Wild.

And, you, Generic Viagra, I'd like a word with you in the parking lot. Right Fucking Now, you no good, dirty son of a bitch. Post spam about Viagra on my blog on my 39th birthday, do you!? What kind of sick twist are you, man? If it ain't broke, don't fix it you rat bastard, son of a bitching, deadbeat son of a bitch!