28 April 2010

137 @ 9!

We got a boat slip in the Village!

For years we have been renting a private slip, and while we absolutely love our landlords (waterlords? sliplords?) we have been eager to move into a slip in town. As a resident of the village we are able to rent a public slip, and we've been hoping for one on the street in front of our house.

And we got one! #9. It's kind of got a nice ring to it.

The slip's way up the block, but it's so close to our house. And it's in a spot that will be well-watched, right in front of a couple of houses, right near a (power boat) boatyard, and is on a well-traveled block. Everybody wins!

And check out my great neighbors! To the left in this picture is some kind of good old boat (I'll find out what kind). And to the right is a sweet restored clammer! And I love those boat garages across the creek. That's salty!


keel1925 said...

Is it a Bristol?

Exploits said...

Congratulations! Very exciting news. Looks like you are in good company!

Bill said...

Sounds great. Luv the clam boat and the white house in the upper right.

matthew houskeeper said...

Take some pictures of the clam boat this summer.

Barbara said...

Congrats on the slip. That's a nice little plus.

Katherine said...

Thank you for share good news.