15 September 2013

10, 12, 13, and 14.

I have no idea when these went down since we didn't take any pics and I didn't blog them right away:

10. Must have been just Al and I. Date and destination uncertain.

12. That time I went with Alli and we had a nice sail, investigated Brightwaters Canal, and didn't run aground.

13. That time we took our next door neighbors out - avid power boaters - and they had a great time on their first sail.

14. That time Alli's brother and new GF came out, but not before I rebuilt the carburetor and gave that blasted engine half a tuneup because it would start but not stay running. WHILE THEY WAITED in the cockpit sharing lunch, beers, and good conversation.

I hate the Atomic Four and can't wait to be a diesel man.

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